Canvas 15.5

Creates, edits, and shares technical illustrations
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ACD Systems of America, Inc.
Create illustrations for technical tasks and processes as well as various engineering projects with detailed descriptions and layouts. The suite supports over a hundred file formats for importing required data along with an editor tool for creating unique graphics.

Canvas is a professional tool for making technical illustrations. It is a utility developed for professionals in the industrial design field, and it helps streamline the technical illustration workflow. Several precision industries that can benefit from using Canvas are aerospace, manufacturing, gas and energy, automotive and technology.

The program allows you to measure and label objects, using specific tools for side, angle, or radius dimensioning. The utility allows you to work with vectorial objects and raster images within the same document. For better communication between coworkers, it also offers the possibility to add side-comments to objects and projects. A large symbol library is also included, and for increased convenient navigation, the symbols are grouped into categories corresponding to industries such as mining, transportation, electrical industry, oil and gas, or hydrology. You are also able to create objects while regarding dimensions that conform to the specific industry's and the government's standards, such as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard).

All in all, Canvas comes across as a most useful utility for professional industrial designers. It allows them to work with both vector objects and raster images, and it is designed so as to simplify communication with the project's team.

Margie Smeer
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  • Several precision industries can benefit from the utility
  • Supports both vector objects and raster images


  • High price
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